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Game Design, Technical Design & Level Design Project

Game Design, Technical Design & Level Design Project

Bitfire Internship

I interned at Bitfire Games between the period of 2023-08-07 - 2023-11-07

where I worked on the DarkSwarm project and was responsible for a variety of tasks:

Enemy Characters

  • Hi-poly sculpting

  • Lo-poly retopology

  • UV unwrapping

  • Baking & Texturing

  • Rigging

  • Skinning

  • Animating

  • Blender-to-Unreal export/import pipeline

  • Blueprint implementation for some enemy abilities

  • Animation Blueprints

  • Ragdolls

Player Characters & Animation

  • Creating an in-house animation system to drive all Player animation; deprecating the previous third-party system that was used (ALS).

  • Keyframing over 200 custom animations for Player characters

  • Sculpting, UV unwrapping, baking & rigging the male Base Mesh

  • Began preliminary work on a proprietary, in-house skeletal rig to replace the old one'

All media showcased here is used with express permission from Bitfire Games.

Various School Projects


Unreal Sequencer Project

 James Mannix: Cop 

Group Projects

Full game experiences made at The Game Assembly working tightly together with

Programmers, Animators, Artists & Technical Artists

Most run on game engines that we as a group constructed from scratch, others on Unity.


Late For Work

"Infinite" Runner

A cheeky seagull has stolen your briefcase and scattered your precious work documents all over the city! Get to work on time and collect your documents as you go, or face the wrath of your boss!



Mobile Puzzle Adventure Game

Escape your nightmare by reaching the grand clock tower symbolizing your awakening. Solve puzzles and avoid nightmarish horrors on the way!



2D Shoot-'Em-Up

Vanquish the forces of evil in this top-down shooter, and fulfill your holy incantation as high priestess!



2D Platformer

Amy Popover battles the forces of ruthless baker Pekka Bakadålit, and reclaims her family heritage threatened by the evil industrialist's encroachement!


Dead Man's Debts

2D Isometric Action-Adventure

You are the ferryman of the dead, who ferries souls across the river of destiny for two gold coins. A greedy miscreant has been smuggling lost souls across the river for the mere sum of one gold coin, and this is unacceptable! Reclaim your rightful taxation before you face the wrath of the God of the Underworld.


Spite: Journey To the Top

3D Isometric Action-Adventure

Fight your way up the mountain with your magicla staff to take revenge against the demon and his army of tormented spirits!



3D Action Platformer

A teleportation mishap has landed you in a strange world populated by floating islands and stone golems that seek to destroy you. Battle your way to the massive crystal in the distance which holds enough power to open a portal back home!


Project 8

Not Yet Announced

Our final project with our group before we all scatter and begin our internships.

This is a bigger project that will span 9 weeks full time.

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