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James Mannix: Cop
An Unreal Sequencer Project

James Mannix is on the case! To the chagrin of his Police Captain, who doesn't seem to understand that in the line of duty, you gotta level a few city blocks.


Production time:

  • 1 week half-time


  • Unreal Engine 4

  • Blender

  • Substance Painter

  • FL Studio

This project was born out of an assignment to create a Sequencer in Unreal Engine detailing a "duel" between two or more principal characters.

I interpreted this as a campy scene between a no-frills loose-cannon cop and his overbearing police captain, who just doesn't seem to understand that in order to get results, you gotta incur some collateral damage in the process. So what if North Dakota got wiped off the map? There's nothing there but flat open land and oil fields, anyway.

Made in collaboration with the talented Hannes Wäst; the voice of the angry police captain "Frank Noboa".

Check out his awesome portfolio!

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