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Character Design
My name is Tony, and video game development is the only thing I could imagine doing in my pursuit of happiness.


I enjoy having my hand in almost every aspect of game development, and specialize in systems- and technical design. To me, the most important thing is creating remarkable game experiences that will stand up to scrutiny and the test of time.

For as long as I can remember, and even earlier according to my parents, I have played and been fascinated by video games.

I've always considered video games to possess some indescribable magical quality, and while I've been analyzing games and modding for the majority of my life, it wasn't truly until my mid-twenties that I realized it was within my capabilities to partake in the magic of video game creation, and so here I am!

I consider the video game to be the most intriguing and evocative art medium of all time.

I am a spiritual and laid back guy who, aside from video games, enjoys training and occasionally camping. On my free time I enjoy creating 3DCG artworks, working on individual game projects and composing music.

Many thanks,

Tony Palm

I am part of The Game Assembly’s internship program. As per the agreement between the Games Industry and The Game Assembly, neither student nor company may be in contact with one another regarding internships before April 19th. Any internship offers can be made on April 26th, at the earliest.

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